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We do what we Love.

This is our way to present our Aesthetics


We're not even selling photography, we're selling romance. To us, photography brings us closer to human connection and allows us to better observe the little wonders in life.

Our lead photographer, Jesse, a true minimalist addicted to geometries, lines, balancing, light and shadows, he creates chic visual pieces with those strengths and also with the most important element - be a listener, to listen everyone’s stories and even souls. We like our photographs to just simply show it as they unfold. 


We based in Hong Kong but we love travelling, each one experiences the vast landscape in ways that are unique to us, and this shapes us who we are and how we interpret the world as we see it. We participate, we advise, we hold on to wonderful memories and treasure them, we're Storyteller.

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Chief Photographer | Director | Multimedia Designer


JESSE曾於南非, 米蘭及柬埔寨等地拍攝廣告照片及Making Of Video, 某大珠寶品牌內部專用攝影師


設計師出身 自少熱愛攝影 




深信影像帶來的力量 ﹣ 按下快門一刻,就有著記錄世界的責任


工作以外的他 是一個愛好搜集vintage菲林相機的一個浪漫主義者

喜歡用菲林記錄著人生 愛上它的一次性





現自立門戶創立Storyteller, 希望用細膩的影像說出你們的小故事

Visual Designer | Copywriter | Make up Artist | 


CHERIE L.畢業於產品設計, 擁有多年品牌設計經驗

一天, 她發現自己開始忘記了對生活的熱誠, 開始被社會同化, 她決定放棄穩定的工作, 重新掌握自己的人生


Life is too short to be boring, living deeply and fully from your heart


今天, 身為Storyteller及Serious;guar創辦人的她




努力寫出一段 沒有預演的人生 


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