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We do what we Love.

This is our way to present our Aesthetics


We're not even selling photography, we're selling romance. To us, photography brings us closer to human connection and allows us to better observe the little wonders in life.

Our lead photographer, Jesse, a true minimalist addicted to geometries, lines, balancing, light and shadows, he creates chic visual pieces with those strengths and also with the most important element - be a listener, to listen everyone’s stories and even souls. We like our photographs to just simply show it as they unfold. 
We based in Hong Kong but we love travelling, each one experiences the vast landscape in ways that are unique to us, and this shapes us who we are and how we interpret the world as we see it. We participate, we advise, we hold on to wonderful memories and treasure them, we're Storyteller.

Telling Stories since 2014.

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Chief Photographer | Director | Multimedia Designer


Jesse Chan 曾於米蘭、柬埔寨和南非等地拍攝廣告照片和Making Of Video,並擔任某大珠寶品牌的內部專用攝影師。曾登上各大報章雜誌作訪問。









在2014年創立了Storyteller Studio



Jesse Chan is a photographer with a background in design. He has captured advertising photos and made-of videos in various locations, including Milan, Cambodia, and South Africa.


Known for his keen observation and attention to detail, Jesse excels at using light, lines, and capturing emotions to create unique compositions. He believes in the power of images and feels a responsibility to record the world with every click of the shutter.


Besides his work, Jesse is a romantic enthusiast who collects vintage film cameras. He believes in the one-of-a-kind charm of film photography, capturing life's moments with anticipation and allure.


In 2014, he founded Storyteller Studio to share people's stories through his refined visual language, creating touching and warm emotional experiences through his photography. 


Visual Designer | Copywriter |

Make up Artist 


Cherie Lai 是一位產品設計專業畢業且擁有多年品牌設計經驗的設計師。然而,在某一天,她突然發現自己開始忘記了對生活的熱情,逐漸被社會同化。於是,她做出了一個勇敢的決定,放棄了穩定的工作,重新掌握自己的人生。她深信生活太短暫,不值得平淡無奇。她追求深入而充實地活在每一刻,從內心深處全心全意地生活。


如今,作為Storyteller Studio的Co-founder,她每天都在創作出忠於自己的作品。對她來說,最大的快樂是看到客戶欣賞她獨特的美感和眼光,這是她對美的獨特觀點的體現。



Life is too short to be boring, living deeply and fully from your heart


Cherie Lai is a designer with a background in product design and years of experience in branding design. However, one day she realised that she was starting to forget her passion for life and becoming assimilated by society. As a result, she made a courageous decision to give up her stable job and reclaim control of her life. Believing that life is too short to be boring, she strives to live deeply and meaningfully in every moment, wholeheartedly embracing life.


Today, as the Co-founder of Storyteller Studio, she creates works that are true to herself every day. Her greatest joy comes from seeing clients appreciate her unique sense of beauty and perspective, which embodies her distinctive viewpoint on aesthetics.


She lives her life with spontaneity, embracing the unexpected, and looks forward to meeting every individual in the future.

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