Priscilla  & Tim | Engagement | Shek O / Poly U

There is always a big blue sky waiting behind the clouds. 



Always blessed to have couples understand and acknowledge the work we do. Waking up to a personal thankful message always brings us joy, no matter how long we had worked in this industry.


Occasionally we lose sight of what matters to us, so I’m glad we still got it, so do #ourstoryteller. 





::::兩位都係Speech Therapist,永遠覺得擁有相同職業既couples特別幸福💚 一直以來,都無間斷遇到各種OCD朋友(可能因為我地都有攝影OCD,我地中文簡稱 - 視覺潔癖)有一部分永遠來自醫護界,証明可能大部分醫護朋友唔多唔少都有OCD! 





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